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Sales Director в Баку

полная занятость, высшее образование, опыт работы от 5 лет
Huseyn Murad, executive Administrativeна Флагма с 19 марта 2021
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Sales Director job description

We are looking for an experienced, passionate and motivated Sales Director to join our sales team! As our Sales Director your main responsibility will be to drive our business success by implementing a strong and sustainable sales strategy. Your and your team's main goal will be to turn leads and prospects into paid users.

Sales Director duties and responsibilities

Set up sales projections
Set up sales bugets
Find prospects and leads
Learn details about our products and services
Understand all the prospects needs, problems or wants
Explain how our solutions align with their pain points
Analyze current sales strategy and suggest solutions for improvement
Identify process bottlenecks
Meet with potential clients and act as their consultant
Up-sell when appropriate
Follow up with hot
Identify buyer persona profiles
Recruit, hire and train new sales representatives
Investigate leads and find out about them as much as possible before contacting
Consult with sales and marketing team to ensure the efficiency
Identify most important sales KPIs
Track and monitor your work
Prepare and present reports when needed
Attend sales educational events and seminars
Stay up to date with the latest sales trends and best practices

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