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sunflower kernel в Гяндже

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100% Pure Sunflower Oil
2 ман./шт
We offer our customers the highest quality sunflower oil , Corn oil, Soybean oil, Palm oil . Our product has excellent properties and is produced under step-by-step quality control. We carefully monitor each stage of production so that you can appreciate our oil. Raw sunflower oil has a pleasant
14 окт
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Sunflower kernel
Цена по запросу
Fine sunflower seed kernels, hulled and cleaned to 99,9%, amount of broken kernels can be minimized to 5%. Producers price. We are open for dialogue.
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3 июл 2021
Sunflower seeds/ ядро семян подсолнечника
650 $/т FCA
We are a company engaged in the processing of sunflower seeds. We offer your company a whole kernel and sunflower seed scrap. Available all necessary certificates and permissions.
22 ноя 2021
Sunflower husk pellets - пеллеты из лузги подсолнечника
400 €/т
Предлагаем гранулы из лузги подсолнечника (пеллеты А1) для отопления жилых и промышленных помещений с использованием котла с автоматической подачей топлива, производства Республики Казахстан. Пеллеты экологически чистый продукт, поэтому идеально подходят для помещений с любыми площадями, от
21 сен
Sunflower oil
Оптовая цена
от 1 480 $/т CIF
*Sunflower oil* (refined, deodorized),*soybean oil, rapeseed oil*. Packing 1,2,3 and 5 liters. Flexi tanks (1 ton) Flexi containers (22 tons) * Shipment to any port of the EU countries, Asia Africa * Price USD 1490. *We work with agents*. WhatsApp, Telegram
17 ноя
Raw Sunflower Seeds
70 ман./шт  
опт от 68 ман./шт
Raw Sunflower Seeds for wholesale. Please contact us via Whatsapp. Price is Negotiable.
27 сен
Sunflower Oil refined
1 720 $/т
Refined sunflower oil. Productions Kazakhstan. MOQ: 1000tons We have laboratory tests in English and Russian. The label is made to order in English, Arabic, Russian. Payment terms: prepayment Delivery terms: EXW Масло рафинированное подсолнечника. Производства Казахстан. Минимальный объем заказа:
18 июл
Refined sunflower oil , olive oil , corn oil , rapeseed oil, coconut oil
0.80 €/шт
We are distributors , exporter and wholesalers of Nutella chocolate, Oreo , Cookies, Mars , Snickers , Milka chocolate, Toblerone , tictac , chewing gum, Gillette razor blades , refined sunflower oil, corn oil , soya bean oil , coconut oil , rapeseed oil , olive oil , canola oil in bulk , We
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1 фев
Sunflower oil
1 ман./шт
The company offers the following products: Refined and unrefined sunflower oil. Origin: Ukraine Refined oil: 1 and 5 l bottles. Quantity-75 pieces, 40’ containers per month. Price: 1 liter - 1.18€ FOB Odessa Non-refined oil: bulk, flexitank. Quantity: 3000 tons per month. Price: 1085€ FOB
28 апр 2021
Bottled sunflower oil
850 $/т
LLC "Exporttrans Group" is ready to offer your needs a systematic supply of bottled sunflower oil from the best producers in Ukraine. All products shipped by our company comply with international sanitary and epidemiological standards and have all the necessary certificates for export. If you are
19 янв 2021
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