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Liquisto, ИП

Профиль компании
Представитель компании
Mammadov Zaur Tofig
Mammadov Zaur Tofigbusiness Developmen ManagerПоказать контакты
Адрес компании
Kollwitzstraße 64, 10435 Berlin Germany
Kollwitzstraße 64, 10435 Berlin Germany
Регистрация: 12 января 2023
Индекс активности: F0.0
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Деятельность компании

We envision a future free from manufacturing waste.
Join us in making this a reality.

Billions in inventory value go to waste each year as scrapped excess across the global industrial manufacturing sector.

We believe better circular economy alternatives can be created.

This is why we are on a mission to pioneer the transformation of excess inventory management in manufacturing. Through a suite of tech-enabled solutions, we sustainably transform excess industrial inventory into liquidity for manufacturers and utility for purchasers. Our intelligent matching of excess inventory with untapped demand provides a profitable alternative to scrapping for manufacturers, enables easy access and affordable prices for purchasers, and reduces adverse environmental impact.

Trust, Excellence, Collaboration, and Open-mindedness are the values that drive our ambitions as a young and vibrant company looking to make a meaningful contribution to sustainable development on a global scale.

Компания образована в 2021 году, численность 3 чел.
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Mammadov Zaur Tofig
Mammadov Zaur Tofig
Business Developmen Manager
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Liquisto, ИП Mammadov Zaur Tofig, Business Developmen Manager
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