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Фарах-Ровшан, ООО

Профиль компании
Представитель компании
Акбаров Ровшан
Акбаров РовшандиректорПоказать контакты
Адрес компании
Absheron city Absheron region Masazir settlement 4-4
Absheron city Absheron region Masazir settlement 4-4
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Деятельность компании

A Bavarian-style brick house will compare favorably with cottages made using other technologies. There are no unnecessary details in neat, simple designs. When finishing the facades, a special installation was used, which made it possible to create an original design. Technology features The Bavarian-style house is easily recognizable for its lack of intricate décor and intricate architectural decorations. The traditional cottage was built in the shape of a rectangle or square. The building has a gable roof made of red tiles. The facade of the Bavarian style house is made of bricks. Color mixing on the surface appears to be chaotic, but in essence it is not. In the classic image, 2 tones (red, brown) are used, which are applied using a special technology. In modern modifications, from 4 to 10 shades are used. Bavarian style house Original brickwork Source Read also: Beautiful houses: architecture and design in detail When mixing, the master takes the same number of flowers. The colorful pattern allows you to radically transform the design of the facade. When decorating, they combine not only different tones, but also textures. Both bright gloss and noble matte look beautiful. Instead of the usual smooth brick, you can use a finish with roughness, cracks and relief. Mixing technology Original brick facade Source With stirring, the material is placed in a strict sequence. The Bavarian style has 4 recognizable features: Even distribution. There is no predominance of one of the colors in the drawing. Avoid the accumulation of tones in one place. Bricks of different shades are laid nearby. Constantly changing the image. Patterns are not duplicated. Matching vertical seams. The technique requires repetition through a row. A cottage decorated using technology does not need additional decoration. The color palette of Bavarian masonry for the home looks simple and concise. Shade transitions between tones create original paintings, ornaments and images on the facade. With the help of accents, you can highlight a part of the wall, transfer attention to the door, windows.

Компания образована в 2009 году, численность 1000 чел.

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Строительство деревянных домов
88 000 $/шт
Фарах-Ровшан, ООО, Баку
Предлагается к продаже таунхаус с 2 спальниями в Елените, близко к морю. Распределение: на первом этаже открытое патио с барбекю, гостиная,...
Все объявления: 1
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Акбаров Ровшан
Акбаров Ровшан
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Фарах-Ровшан, ООО Акбаров Ровшан, Директор
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