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Lytech, ЗАО

Профиль компании
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Hasanali IldirimovmarketerПоказать контакты
Адрес компании
Azerbaijan, Baku, Yasamal
Azerbaijan, Baku, Yasamal
Регистрация: 14 мая 2020
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Деятельность компании

Lytech was founded at the end of 2019 to develop enterprise software products.
Based on three principles, we develop our products to fully integrate the business processes of our corporate clients.

“It works like you” - although this is an advanced software product, the main goal of all software is to facilitate the business process for people who use it.
Therefore, we believe that the best workflow will be that the software will work with the business principles of the person who uses it.
“Not to be without errors, but so that errors do not affect the process” - there is no error-free software, we accept it.
But we understand that our products are also used in large business processes. Therefore, we have created formulas so that errors that may occur in all our products do not affect this process.
“Not maximum productivity, but resource-adapted productivity” - each corporative segment creates technological resources in accordance with its own financial resources.
Therefore, we do not create our products for maximum performance related to one source, but for ideal performance in order to adapt to each source.
We produce solutions to ensure complete management of corporate resources.
You can ideally manage, write reports and process information using the solutions we offer, from project management to production and sale of products.
With our solutions for the personnel management system, you can easily manage your human resources, accounting decisions and financial resources, as well as storage operations with our solutions for the warehouse management system.
We can provide services to dozens of sectors, such as manufacturing, food processing, retail, tourism and healthcare.

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9 000 ман./шт
Lytech, ЗАО, Баку
Rəqabətin artdığı dövrdə yeni müştəri tapmaq daha çətin olduğundan şirkətlər artıq mövcud müştərilərin sədaqətini artırmağa və daha ağıllı müştəri...
Все объявления: 1
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Lytech, CJSC Hasanali Ildirimov, Marketer
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