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Roadtrans, ООО

Профиль компании
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Джафарова Сабиналогист координаторПоказать контакты
Адрес компании
Азербайджан.Город Баку, ул.Зейналабдина13
Азербайджан.Город Баку, ул.Зейналабдина13
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Деятельность компании

Our Company has been working in this business area since 2005 and has an extensive experience in the cargo transportation services.
Among partners of the Road Trans LLC there are such Companies like Panalpina, Gobustan Operating, STP, Schlumberger, DHL, Gulf Drilling, Salyan Oil, Silkway, etc.
Our goal is mutually beneficial cooperation on a continuous basis with our customers who are interested in accurate, reliable and professional transportation of goods, equipment, etc.
Let us to describe the equipment and fleet, which we possess and services, we render:
• Extendable low loaders
• Standard low loaders
• Flat-bed trucks
• Tilt trucks
• Refrigerators
• Vans and trailers
• Mobile cranes, Forklifts, etc.
All equipment comply BP standard and HSE.

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Roadtrans, ООО Джафарова Сабина, логист координатор
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