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Resume renewed 10 August 2022

Quality manager in Baku

I am looking for a job in Baku, willing to relocate
Guliyev Rashid
Guliyev Rashid 41 years old, Baku, higher education

Work experience

QA/QC Manager
1 year 12 mo. Oct 2020 - Сurrent time
STP Aluminum, Sumgayit
1 year 12 mo. Oct 2020 - Сurrent time
Overseeing and assigning tasks to QA/QC team, Testing laboratories and project quality personnel.
• Responsible for the implementation and design of procedures, Quality Plans and policies
• Overall Implementation corporate development and Integrated Management System and processes against ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001
• Develop and drives the execution of IMS and management/work processes to achieve company targets and objectives.
• Manage and oversee products quality to ensure compliance to codes, standards, regulations, project specifications and customer satisfaction.
• Managing and coordinate NCRs raised during project execution, 2nd and 3rdpart audits
• Prepare Audit program/plan and coordinate audit team for scheduled IMS and projects audit
• Coordinate of IMS processes and release with certification bodies for periodic audit and re-certification
Senior QA/QC Engineer
7 mo. Feb 2020 - Sep 2020
STP (Sumgait Technological Park), Sumgayit
7 mo. Feb 2020 - Sep 2020
• Managing of the projects and coordination of quality department to readiness for projects
• Review of procedures, PQP and ITP for Civil, Structural and Painting activities related to the projects
• Checking project specifications, requirements and controlling team for projects readiness.
• Prepare MAR (Material Approval Request) refer to project scope and submitted for client approval.
• Oversight of subcontractors for issues/gaps and doing RCA for improving workmanship
• Monitor an efficient system and record for all project activities and analyze all processes to ensure all work according to quality requirements
• Establish and maintain consistent and adequate administration procedures to ensure that all data is current and that the Project Team receives the latest information
• Prepare Audit Program and coordinate QMS audits as scheduled
• Prepare audit Report and summarize Audit finding to auditee
• Provide guidance and assist the operations and project teams for the implementation of corporate QMS and company management initiatives, functions and systems.
Senior QA/QC Inspector
7 years 8 mo. May 2012 - Jan 2020
Baku Shipyard , Baku
7 years 8 mo. May 2012 - Jan 2020
Leading the project Quality part and planning test /inspections (Structural, Piping, Mechanical and Accommodation) as per ITP & Project Specification and Rules of classification societies.
• Train of welders and Carry out WQT for piping and structural welders and issue badges and certificates
• Prepare and distribute PQP, ITP, WPQR/WPS, and related doc’s for project teams
• Develop and determine all standards to perform inspection and tests on all procedures and oversee all testing methods and maintain high standards of quality for all processes
• Coordinate NDT, hydrostatic and pneumatic testing of vessel and piping system after completion of hot works and carry out final inspection with class surveyor and Client representative
• Attending project weekly meetings for planning test and Inspections as per project progress
• Coordinate all NCR/USR and punches raised during project and prepare status reports
• Analyzing all products and non-conformance processes and evaluate all documents to ensure the maintenance of optimal quality and prepare monthly reports to evaluate performance.
• Assuring all technical documents relative to site quality control are current status
• Attending JHA and pre-commissioning meetings for checking readiness of systems, procedures and interfacing with open issues (punches, NCR’s) during completed inspections
• Carry out commissioning and start-up for completed system and handover to client and class representative
• Oversight of subcontractors for issues/gaps and finding root cause for improving workmanship
• Participate in company annual QMS and projects scheduled audits and distribute documented audit observations and audit reports
QC Inspector
4 years 11 mo. May 2007 - Apr 2012
Nobel Oil LTD, Baku
4 years 11 mo. May 2007 - Apr 2012
Carries out piping inspection for spool fabrication, line check, reinforcement and construction Nodes
• Review/Verify the hydro test packages prior to line checking, hydro testing, flushing and re-instatement
• Assist to QA Manager to prepare and carry out PQR & WPS, WQT and required records and certification.
• Responsible for Quality documents of the complete project including certificates, calibration, test results, inspection requests, non-compliance reports and site instruction/observations, permanent materials
delivered, and other important QA/QC documents
• Ensures that all activities and inspections are carried out as per planned project schedule and advises the construction team for the corrections/corrective actions to avoid the rejection of work
Welding Inspector
1 year 6 mo. Jul 2005 - Jan 2007
1 year 6 mo. Jul 2005 - Jan 2007
• Pipeline welding inspection as per API 1104 and ASME B 31.4 & ASME B31.8 refer to ITP and welding Map
• Daily checking materials, certificates, welding consumables and welder qualification passes before starting
welding activities
• In-Process checking of welding parameters: preheat, interpass temperature, heat input, gas flow rate,
electrodes, wire flux type
• Final inspection for arc-strikes, temporary attachments, mechanical damages of structural and pipe woks
• Coordination of NDT after completion of hot works and control defects rate as required
• Carry out hydrostatic testing and prepare handover reports
• Carry out welding consumable, material and piping receiving inspection for projects
• Carry out Material inspection as per API 5L (Pipe grade x52/60/65)
• Conduct inspection ground with densimeter after pipe laying
• Create weld map, Preparing of Daily Welding Reports (DWR),
Welding Inspector
1 year 4 mo. Jan 2004 - May 2005
MCG (Modern Construction Group) LLC , Baku
1 year 4 mo. Jan 2004 - May 2005
• Carry out Welding and material inspection for Structural, Piping and accommodation activities
• Checking Piping test pack and equipment readiness before starting Hydrostatic test
• Collect recorder results after hydrotest for client approval and control calibration processes of manometers
• Assists of Welding engineer for preparing daily welding map, RFI, reports and welding progress status
• Ensuring the correct equipment and materials are being used for a welding refer to WPS and welding table.
• Daily monitoring all activities on shop and final field fabrication processes in accordance with the approved drawings and procedures.

Higher education

Moscow State Technical University (MADI), Moscow
Specialty - Engineer in the specialty: car and automobile industry
5 years 8 mo. Sep 2006 - May 2012
Baku Technical College, Baku
Specialty- road movement specialist
3 years 8 mo. Sep 1998 - May 2002


English - advanced, Azerbaijani - fluent, Russian - advanced

Additional information

Relevant skills: Leadership, Teamwork, Analytical and problem-solving ability, Attention to detail, Strategic
approach to work, Excellent Communication and Conflict Resolution

Resume number: 370

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